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It's all about keeping it Simple for You

Simple Plumber, not just a simple plumber...

We are a family owned business offering that personal touch whenever you call for service. We are here to answer your calls, texts and emails every waking moment of our day - 365 days a  year while in the office,  in church on Sundays or gone on vacation. Plumbing repair and drain cleaning is what we do best and we are here ready to help you anyway we can. 

The name Simple Plumber is all about keeping it simple for you our customer. When you need a plumber, many times you may not have a clue of what plumber to call. You are overloaded with options and price structures that are designed to pull you in or trick you into buying something you may or may not need.

Plumbing is very confusing! Most people only know how to use their faucets & toilets, they may not understand where the water comes from or where it goes - until there is a leak, a backed up drain or even worse, a flood.  It’s our mission at Simple Plumber to keep it simple for our clients. We enjoy helping our customers understand their homes plumbing systems.  We are always available to you when you need us. 

It's Simple, we love serving people with understanding, compassion and a good attitude. Plumbing is what we do as a profession, but we are people first, and we always stride to go the extra mile in doing clean professional work with high quality materials that last the test of time in use. 

The simple difference is as easy as 1 2 3

  1. We closely listen to you explain the problem you’re having with your plumbing or drains, so we can have a full understanding of the problem.
  2. We look over your entire plumbing system to understand and find out what may have caused the problem.
  3. We then come up with a solution that solves the problem, giving you  a lasting repair.

At Simple Plumber we have a Service Call that covers our first half hour of work and then we charge by the quarter hour.  You'll only pay for the time associated with us doing your work, plus materials and tax.  

In doing our part to keep this plumbing trade strong and to continue to offer you a friendly - qualty plumbing and drain service, we employ licensed apprentice plumbers and prorate their time on your site. Have no worries, our apprentice plumbers will never be left on site without full supervision by a Washington State licensed Journey Level Plumber.

*Our Licensed Apprentice Plumber will save you money and our time on your job by fetching tools, setting up work areas, cleaning up work areas while your plumber is busy doing your plumbing work. 

simple testimonials

Dana J. Ross, via Facebook April 2018

Joe did a great job assessing a major sewer back up in my home and determined it was a blockage in the main line. I appreciate all the frequent phone updates, and an honest assessment of the issue. Another company will have to dig up the line and do the repair, and Joe was very thorough about explaining what would need to happen next and referred me to a credible company I appreciate his efforts to try to solve the issue before I had to bring in the diggers! I would definitely recommend Simple Plumber.

M.L. via Yelp January 24th, 2018

When our water heater broke down and flooded our small, unfinished basement, other plumbers I contacted said, "We can't help you until you get the water out." Joe was more proactive -- he called my neighborhood hardware store and found a pump that I could pick up to get the job done. That bit of extra effort on his part was just what I needed to get started fixing the problem.

The basement was dry (enough) the next day, and he and Koby showed up and installed a new heater. Joe explained everything I needed to know in layman's terms and patiently answered my questions. To top things off, when they couldn't get the old, massive heater out of the basement, Koby sawed it in two to make it fit. (Seeing the inside of the heater was a trip. It definitely was ready for the scrap heap.)

My understanding is that these guys are a two-man operation, so they may not be ideal for really big projects, but they did a great job meeting my needs.

Kady D. via Yelp January 30th 2018

We've hired Simple Plumber a few times now, and each time, I am so impressed with Joe's professionalism, thoroughness and good work. He identifies the root cause of the problem and then fixes it, advising on preventative care to stave off future problems. Both Joe and the scheduler at Simple Plumber are excellent communicators - via text, email and phone. Even the invoices have an impressive amount of detail documenting the problem and the work done.

On this particular job, our basement had flooded and we'd called another plumber who committed to come but then fell through. Joe saved the day by coming first thing in the morning and working for most of the day to fix not one but two plumbing problems that had cropped up. We really appreciate the great work and highly recommend Joe/Simple Plumber.

Mari M. via Yelp March 3rd, 2015

My experience with Simple Plumber couldn't have been easier or more pleasant. My garbage disposal had stopped working, and my sink wouldn't drain. Joe talked me through the symptoms over the phone, recommended an inexpensive tool, and told me how to use it. I set up an appointment just in case, but I ended up not needing it because I'd so easily fixed it myself! Huge feeling of triumph, and I saved the cost of having him come out--though the next time I do need a plumber, I'll absolutely call Joe because he has totally won my trust. Thank you for empowering me and making it so easy to reclaim my sink!

Matt W. via Localloop July 27th, 2012

We've worked with many plumbers and Joe continues to rank at the top of our list. He is able to solve tricky plumbing situations that have stumped many of the big name plumbing operations here in Seattle. Joe always cleans up after the job and is careful not to track anything throughout the house. He is extremely communicative and always professional. While some of big name outfits might give you a less expensive quote, you're likely to end up dissatisfied and wishing you'd gone with someone as knowledgeable and skilled as Joe from the beginning.

Michael Schafbuch via Google 2017

I had a problem with 1946 sinks and pipes in my thrice remodeled home. Laundry room.. (where all the big pipes converge!)  What I liked about Joe is that he spent time thinking about the best way to fix considering what I wanted to see in the end. This is the 2nd time I've used Simple Plumber and was very satisfied with his ideas, work ethic (a 9-hour day) and the itemization of his work on the bill. I highly recommend  Simple Plumber for small jobs and large. (I've had both).

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